ул. Хан Аспарух 95
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Адрес: Пловдив , ул. Хан Аспарух 95
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Отрасъл: Преработка и консервиране на плодове и зеленчуци

Производство на плодови и зеленчукови консерви и сладка

Ключови думи: bulvita, bul vita, консерви, компоти, домашни сладка от горски плодове

За нас

Фирма БУЛ ВИТА ЕООД развива дейност от 1999 год. Занимава се с производство на плодови и зеленчукови консерви. Произвежда домашни сладка с цели горски плодове по родопска рецепта, които срещат изключителен интерес със своя аромат, свежест и естествен вкус.

Продуктите на БУЛ ВИТА ще намерите в магазинната мрежа на: ПИКАДИЛИ, Про Маркет, Мy Markt, ХИТ Маркет, ЕЛЕМАК, ФАМИЛИЯ.

БУЛ ВИТА ЕООД изнася за САЩ, Чехия, Словения, Испания, Италия, Германия, Австрия, Канада и бившите страни от ОНД.

In 1999 BUL VITA appeared on Bulgarian market as an export&import company dealing with fresh vegetables and fruits. Since then the company specialized in growing vegetables and producing canned vegetables and fruits. We based our production activities in the richest vegetable region in Southern Bulgaria, 30km east from the city of Plovdiv. The company administration is located at its representative office in the city of Varna. In 2005 the company opened its sales and marketing office in Plovdiv, which goals are to promote and sell BUL VITA-brand products at the domestic and foreign market. Vegetables and fruit of the best kind used for BUL VITA-brand products come only from the clean ecological areas in Bulgaria. Harvesting is done at the peak of the vegetation season. High qualified company team workers take care for the precise selection of the raw materials which ensures fully retaining of their nutritional values and guarantees the highest quality and natural taste of the finished product and enhances the competitiveness of the brand. The company applies traditional Bulgarian and own developed recipes. In the recent years we extended our assortment with well-known Balkan and Mediterranean recipes.

In our work, we are lead by our mission to guarantee our partners and customers the top quality healthful BUL VITA-brand products at the best competitive price possible. Having achieved experience and gained reputation and reliability throughout the years of the company existence we managed to expand our activities on foreign markets such as USA, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Azarbeijan and Macedonia. BUL VITA’s fresh vegetables reach their destinations mainly to Czech Republic and Poland. Currently the HACCP quality control system is being implemented and with its completion will enable adjusting the production standards to the nowadays world food safety requirements.


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